Animal Feed and Fishing Bait Ingredients

TIANA Ltd. sell a unique organic white coconut pressed cake that naturally provides animal nutrition.

Organic coconut pressed cake is highly nutritional ingredient for animal feeds including horses, cattle, pigs, poultry and fishing baits. It is 100% pure, Certified organic (UK2) and GM Free.
Coconut pressed cake supplied by TIANA Ltd, is a nutritious white coloured product. It is totally different to coconut oil cake that is being used as ingredient in animal feeds.

What are the differences between Coconut Oil Cake and Coconut Pressed Cake?

Coconut oil cake or copra cake is the residue left after the extraction of coconut oil from copra. 

Coconut cake contains 4-5% coconut oil which is extracted by solvent extraction process. Copra expeller cake comprises residues from coconut oil left after expeller pressing extraction.
Coconut oil cake is also sometimes called coconut meal, it is essential that copra must not be old or rancid as it will cause diarrhoea and animals that are not used to it are somewhat reluctant to feed on this product.

Coconut pressed cake supplied by TIANA Ltd, is the residue left after the cold pressing of fresh coconuts during the production of virgin coconut oil /coconut flour.

Our white coconut pressed cake is high in protein (19%), oil content (%), fibre (39%), minerals and vitamins. That is why it’s an excellent nutritional ingredient for mixed livestock feed including dairy cattle increasing the fat content of their milk, beef cattle, horses, pigs, poultry and fishing baits.

Due to the content of coconut oil TIANA coconut cake provides energy for animals especially horses and fibre improves animal gut function.

White coconut pressed cake is irreplaceable ingredient for making excellent fishing baits.

Our white coconut cake is available either as Organic Certified and Non-Organic varieties. It is free from Aflatoxin and rancid odours. Packing is in 50 kilo PP sacks or shipped in bulk.

White coconut pressed cake specifications

See the difference in colour, quality and nutrition on these photographs:

Coconut White Cake for animal feeds and making fishing baits
Organic White Coconut Cake
Coconut Oil Cake
Coconut Oil Cake or Copra Cake

Ingredients for organic foods, allergy free foods, cosmetics, animal feed and fishing baits.
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